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Petitioning The Mayer of Shertz Texas ~(210) 619-1030 Mayor Michael Carpenter and 1 other

City of Schertz Texas: Be Fair to Stephanie Osmers and her puppy~ Montana Doesn't Have to Die!!

This guy City Manger John Kessel is a power tripper and even the judge is now off the case. The city is being unfair. Her dog was on a leash and he approached them while she was talking with friends!!  They cannot get away with putting down the puppy. this is unbelievable! Give Stephanie Osmers back her Lab Montana!!

Letter to
The Mayer of Shertz Texas ~(210) 619-1030 Mayor Michael Carpenter
City Manager~ (210) 619-1000 John Kessel
Be Fair to Stephanie Osmers and Montana. Euthanizing her dog is NOT fair!!

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