A parkade for students, teachers and visitation at the UofS

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There is extremely limited parking at the U of S, not to mention if you do manage to find a spot; they are usually too small. You come out to door dings or other vandalism on your vehicle.

The parking is expensive, limited and not well managed. Every student, teacher and visitor deserves a parking spot if they have a mode of vehicular transportation to school or work.

Imagine going to school only to have the struggle of finding a place to park and then being late for class after dishing out thousands of dollars to better your education and your country.

Let's build a parkade!

Although expensive at first, it will pay for it self. Charge students a SMALL monthly, semi monthly or yearly fee, You could also charge per day for any visitor parking.

A 5 level parkade would be the best
For students, teachers and other visitors coming to look at the school and possibly have an interest at attending the establishment.

Personal story
Although I do not attend the U of S I see and hear about the parking struggle daily.

These students are the future! As a student you have tons of stress to worry about, having enough money for food, rent, classes and books. The additional stress of finding a measly parking spot should not happen. So let's do our future generations a favor and build a 5 level parking structure.