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re-open the Surf's Up wave pool facilty in downtown Sandusky, Ohio

The city of Sandusky Ohio is now completely void of any public access pools whatsoever. The community has spent thousands if not millions to build splash pads around this city, yet this money could have easily went to reopening the Surfs Up wave pool for the children and adults of Sandusky alike. The majority of Sandusky is occupied by middle and lower class citizens that cannot afford the $40 + dollars per person that the local waterparks that have now overrun the town charge to use their parks. We pay in millions each year as tax payers and we should all stand up for the right to bring this community pool back to Sandusky. We can do this. Help let Sandusky know that we want our tax dollars to go to something useful and beneficial to our children and future generations!

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  • Manager, city of Sandusky Ohio Parks and Recreation department
    Victoria Kurt

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