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Climbers will visit Weiders Wall in Purgatory Park from San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin. These visitors will spend money at local businesses and increase sales tax revenues.

Climbing is allowed by the City of Austin Parks Department, Travis County Parks Department, City of San Antonio Parks Department, Texas Parks and Wildlife, etc. San Marcos Parks Department is the only government run park system in Texas to completely ban climbing.

Boy Scouts will be able to earn their rock climbing badge climbing here

Climbing on this cliff has established historic use prior to the purchase by the City.

Climbers are committing to do volunteer trail work and invasive species removal in the park. They have proven in other parks to be the most reliable volunteer group.

There is no additional cost to the City. Central Texas Mountaineers and Access Fund will cover the cost of signage and replacement of current fixed climbing anchors as long as the climbing area remains open.

In a time when many people have health problems from lack of exercise we should encourage opportunities for physically active hobbies such as rock climbing
Rock Climbing fits in with Mountain Biking and Whitewater Kayaking in San Marcos’ image as fun place to live and visit.

Letter to
City of San Marcos
City Council - Place 3 John Thomaides
Director of Community Services Rodney Cobb
and 6 others
City Council- Place 1 Kim Porterfield
Council Member - Place 2 Jude Prather
Council Member - Place 5 Ryan Thomason
Council Member - Place 4 Wayne Becak
City Council Member - Place 6 Shane Scott
Mayor Daniel Guerrero
Recently the City of San Marcos purchased some land and added it to Purgatory Park. One of the historic uses of this land has been rock climbing on a cliff known as Weiders Wall. The park system has disallowed the continued use of this wall for rock climbing. This total ban on rock climbing is unprecedented in the state of Texas. Throughout Texas other city, county, and state park systems have worked with climbing organizations such as the Central Texas Mountaineers and the Access Fund to manage rock climbing to the benefit of the public.

Rock climbers are diverse in age from boy scouts to grandparents but are united by their love of the outdoors and their willingness to travel to climbing destinations. San Marcos could attract visitors from across the state who would spend money in the local economy and increase sales tax revenue.

I urge you to open Purgatory Park to rock climbing and by doing so to bring joy to many people.