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The City of San Francisco recognizes Oct 9th as Indigenous Peoples Day

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Indigenous Reconciliation and Recognition - Indigenous Peoples Day and Places

The United States has shifted to support correcting America's history. The time has come for a San Francisco resolution removing Columbus Day and acknowledging that Indigenous Peoples Day has arrived. The Bay Area has lead the way, with Berkeley enacting Indigenous Peoples Day; Los Angeles has just passed its own resolution. Will the most progressive city in the country keep pace? This petition is a proposal to move SF into a leader in Indigenous Recognition and Reconciliation.

San Francisco City Council: enact resolutions before October 9, 2017, to drop Columbus Day and recognize the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas this year. Remove symbols of white supremacy, including the statues of Christopher Columbus and others claiming doctrines of discovery, from city property. A proclamation will be put forth for the State of California to follow suit.

Cease baking with financial institutions which fail to vet projects for human rights and indigenous rights violations: Wells Fargo et all. Develop public banking with indigenous human rights and values integrated into the investment management criteria to lead the world in a new standard of financial investment management recognizing Indigenous Peoples.

1 Percent for Indigenous Reconciliation and Recognition: Rebuild the Native American Center in San Francisco.

On October 9th, 1969, the American Indian Center in San Francisco was destroyed by fire and has not been rebuilt. The City of San Francisco will provide land and 1% of appropriate budget for funding the construction and operations of this Native American Center to open by October 9th 2019 - 50 years after the fire that destroyed the SF American Indian Center.

1% tax on real estate transactions is enacted that that demonstrates an ongoing recognition the City in Ohlone Territory: The Indigenous People of the SF Bay Area, California Indigenous Tribes and Indigenous Peoples of America. This Center will celebrate the Indigenous Peoples, Languages, Arts and contributions to Human Knowledge and Culture.

The center would house many of the native american organizations struggling to stay in San Francisco to provide basic services to the Bay Area Native Community.

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