Speed bumps in all Military Housing Communities!

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Recently my Cousin's 5 year old was hit and killed while riding his bike in a housing community in which signs were posted as 15 miles per hour. This brings me to this concern about the housing in which we live currently. 

Our community, Gateway Lincoln Military Housing, located off of Rosecrans St in San Diego is a military housing community, yet it is not recognized as a housing community by the city of San Diego. We were told that it is considered city streets and therefore the speed limit is technically 25 miles an hour. However, the posted signs say 15 miles an hour. This is a housing community where our families live and serve this country. Our safety is at risk due to excessive speeding past the 15 mile an hour posted signs, in which we feel the speed limit should rightfully so be 15 miles an hour thru here. It is a housing community and should be recognized as such. We were told that unless people were speeding 25 miles over the actual speed limit which is apparently 25 miles an hour than the city denied us speed bump installation. This is unacceptable, and poses a threat to our families. We feel that this should be considered a housing community by the city, the speed limit should be changed on their end to 15 miles an hour like it is posted and speed bumps should be installed! This is happening all throughout our community and even by our children's parks located inside the community. Almost all the other military housing have speed bumps installed. 

Will it take someone getting seriously hurt or killed for the city of San Diego to act and put speed bumps in our community? Please make all cities that have military housing installations install speed bumps. Public safety should not be brushed to the side.