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Save Downing Stables and stop the land grab!

Not only will it force out 70 horses, but a number of these horses are rescue animals that would have been destroyed had the owner of the stable not rescued them and gave them a sanctuary. .
San Diego has more horses per capita then any county in the country. There are close to 700,000 horses in the state. The horse industry contributes 7 billion dollars a year to our economy. The California horse industry produces goods and services valued at 4.1 Billion dollars. The horse industry employs 130,200 jobs.  In this down economy, San Diego should be encouraging businesses, not putting them out of business. 

 The city has made the permit process so expensive, time consuming, confusing and difficult to get, that many equine businesses just move out of San Diego. The cost of a permit here in San Diego has risen to 1000 times higher then any other place in the state.  That can cost upwards of $300,000 dollars to complete the permit process just  to run a commercial stable!   Plus you have to comply with CEQA studies that takes years to complete and costs usually are over $100,000.
They even have initial "pre-application fee" of $11,000 and is "mandatory".

There has been a commercial horse boarding stable on this property for many decades and  the city didn't care.  Now all of a sudden  they want to make an example out of the owner for code compliance issues on another piece of her property, which have already been addressed.  Our stable is leased as a separate entity and the only compliance issue they are in violation of is not having the "elusive" permit.. 

In 2012 the city will change the code(supposedly) to make it easier for ranches to get a permit and open(almost none have them currently)and grandfather in the ones that are still running. 

The 70 year old owner goes to court on the 30th of this month to explain why she is in violation of her probation, for not obtaining the proper permits, and still allowing the stables to be open.  If they succeed in forcing her to close it will be the 3rd stable they will have closed in the immediate area, in the last few years.  

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