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The goal of this petition is to support local qualified businesses offering a clean and sustainable alternative to wood burning fires on San Diego parks and beaches. We are seeking support in updating the current municipal codes and laws to help combat the hazards  of wood burning fires. The shoreline from South Mission Beach to Tourmaline Beach has the highest levels of contaminants and harmful, toxic materials which is a direct cause of wood burning fires on our beaches. 

Research shows how harmful these bonfires can be to the health of our residents, visitors, and environment. BluLite Bonfires has taken the traditional bonfire experience and upgraded it to meet the demand for a cleaner, more sustainable beach experience. We reached out to various city departments to seek advice on how best to solve this problem in accordance with local regulations while still providing a sought after bonfire experience for our community

We carefully studied our local community, joined city organizations, attended town council meetings, and created a map to assist the public in identifying harmful areas along our shorelines. We surveyed heavily impacted areas which include beach entrances, city provided fire rings, and areas identified by community members that generate large amounts of illegal bonfire activity. 

We use specialized tools to gently sift through sand along our shoreline and remove harmful contaminants. We are the first and only bonfire service that removes harmful debris caused by traditional wood burning fires. BluLite has taken it a step further and started collecting samples, cataloging the data, and uploading the information to a public map. BluLite Bonfires takes cleaning our beaches to a whole new level.


If you want to keep beach bonfires a part of our culture and agree we need to improve our methods of enjoyment by replacing wood burning fires with a cleaner, safer and more eco-conscious bonfire experiences, then please sign our petition.  Below we’ve provided some facts about wood burning fires and the dangers they bring to our community. 

By signing this petition you agree:

- The city should ban the use of wood burning fires on our shoreline.

- The city should allow for qualified businesses to operate clean burning, propane bonfires on our shoreline.

- The city should create a permit that allows qualified businesses to operate propane bonfires legally as long as all safety provisions are respected.

- Operators of permitted propane bonfires should be required to clean the areas where they operate.


“In response to your question on beach rings and air quality data, the impact of beach fires can have a significant impact on PM2.5 readings” - Nick Cormier Air Quality Specialist with the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District

San Diego provides 186 fire rings during the summer. “One fire pit in one evening is estimated to emit as much PM2.5 as one Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck driving 564 miles.” Which equates to taking a minimum 186 Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks off the road and preventing over 100,000 miles of PM2.5 production every evening during summer.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District in California found that the particulate emissions rate per minute from one beach fire ring (fire pit) is equal to the secondhand smoke from 800 cigarettes.

  *********************  Experience Our Impact   *****************************

BLULITE Dedicates a 30x30 Cleaning radius at all events, and even tracks the amount our team collects during the formation of a BLULITE experience! Check our Map below !!

                  Pollution Map :



This petition made change with 447 supporters!

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