Enforce current laws - smoking, indecent exposure, public intoxication, open containers.

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The rule of law must come back to San Clemente.  We have documented many cases in which laws are broken and nothing is done about it.   While KFI was filming here,  Corbin Carson (FKI reporter) was approached by numerous intoxicated transients, some with open containers.  People smoking everywhere. This is all on film broadcasted for everyone to see on Twitter. The city of San Clemente has laws that must be ENFORCED. 

We understand the Martin Vs. Boise decision precludes from enforcing anti-camping laws, but nothing in there precludes from enforcing common sense laws - alleged public intoxication, alleged defecation, alleged theft of bikes, alleged selling of bike parts, smoking, public urination, blocking ADA compliant sidewalks, alleged assaults.

We feel compassion for the people that have fallen into hard times.  We wish that the city and State would follow the lead from Rhode Island and offer rehab for those who need it under the department of corrections.  

The Fourteen amendment is clear.  Equal protection under the law. There can't be a different set of rules for unsheltered individuals and sheltered ones. 

There are other cities that are under lawsuits as well, such as the city of Placentia.  They are vigorously enforcing their quality of life laws and providing timely information to the public on steps to improve safety.   TRANSPARENCY is the key!! 

We ask that the city, county, OCSD, OCDA and County Supervisors work together to truly solve this crisis. 

We ask San Clemente leaders put a plan together to increase the deputy count. Lowest in the nation per Capita and assign a Full-TIme Officer to the North Beach areas. At a minimum, hire a full-time security guard for the area to document nefarious behavior.