Oppose the Wurzbach Underpass (SPUI) Project

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TxDOT has presented a $33 million underpass project at Wurzbach/Northwest Military. The project's ultimate effect on the intersection's periodic congestion is debatable. 

What is not debatable is the highly invasive nature of the project. The destruction related to excavation and years of construction will be devastating to the surrounding community.  Non-invasive, less costly and effective options, such as smart signals and lane modifications, have so far been waived.

What the project construction means:

- Blasting with dynamite adjacent to communities.  All of Inverness, and part of Summerfield and Alon Estates are at risk, in addition to the Jewish Community Center, Christus Santa Rosa Emergency Center, the Exxon/711's fuel underground storage tanks, and several local commercial establishments.  Blasting can damage the foundations and structural integrity of surrounding homes, buildings and systems.   While it is clear blasting is planned according to technical protocols designed to keep structures safe, it is equally clear that thousands of homes in the United States have reported damages from blasting performed within guidelines, at distances similar or greater than these communities.  To add insult to injury, in Texas it is now effectively impossible to collect damages due to blasting, whether or not mistakes were made. 

- Prolonged jackhammering/drilling, which has health and psychological effects at these proximities.  Some residents will be driven from their homes.  Spending time outdoors will, in some cases, warrant hearing protection.  Dust will be a nuisance, potentially affecting health or mechanical systems.  It will feel unbearable to hundreds of residents.  We ask you to take a moment to imagine how your life and your children's lives would change over the next several years if each of you were subjected to perpetual, intolerable noise, vibrations, and dust.

- Property owners do not expect to be able to sell property without steep discounts for several years.  We have heard of instances where property trade is already adversely affected by the threat of this project.  Business owners expect to lose customers due to reduced accessibility. 

- After the project is complete, there will be a permanent loss of greenspace and oak trees, replaced by concrete, increasing the flood risk to downhill residences.

It is vital to the established community that TxDOT, AAMPO, and/or the City of San Antonio, put an end to pursuing a large scale project here.  We respectfully request less invasive, more practical and effective solutions be employed to reduce congestion.



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