Bring sirens back or a better alert system to San Angelo

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People have been voicing their concerns about this new text system since the City of San Angelo announced they were no longer using the tornado sirens. This morning, we got a small taste of the potentially harmful effects of this flawed text system.

People have lost their homes and weren't getting these alerts until their roofs were being ripped off or had already caved in, a vehicle was thrown into a house, an elderly woman was trapped in her home after it collapsed, and a vehicle was washed away into the Red Arroyo.

Through all this, a lot of people are saying they never got the alerts, some did, but not everyone, and a few of those people who didn't were affected by this storm. I, personally, got an alert without sound or vibration. Luckily I was already awake to see my phone screen flash so I could get myself and my infant son to a safe area of the house.

This flawed system could have cost people their lives. And its disgusting that the city cares more about saving a dollar than the safety of their citizens. Again I ask, WHY CUT CORNERS WHEN IT COMES TO PROVIDING SAFETY?! Please bring back the sirens and/or fix this system. You can use both. Because obviously the citizens need more help than what this system is able to provide.

This petition may not make a difference, as most petitions I've seen don't, but I urge the voting citizens of San Angelo to please remember this when voting next.


Also. Please contact the man who made this decision, Fire Chief Brian Dunn. Blow up his inbox with your stories of his flawed system. Do not let this go! He needs to know.

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