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Stop the music festival / preserve our nature

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City council voted against what the citizens want. Many concerns were voiced about bringing 35,000 to people to car camp on the Vandaveer ranch for a “stopover” concert.

The council members that voted in favor did so without having enough knowledge to make an informed decision – they were not even told which bands will be coming.  

Tell the concert promoters that it is not OK to destroy wildlife and the environment!

Here is a partial list of citizens’ concerns:

- There is an active beaver dam near the venue.

- There is at least one indicator species living near the river.

- There is a wetland/ riparian area that will be trampled.

- The land will be destroyed. The soil is fragile, and the many feet and vehicles will remove all ground cover. 

- The fire danger is at its highest, which is unacceptable, and we are very near national forest and BLM lands. 

- The amount of people increases the population seven-fold. This is a massive crowd.

- A bridge that will be built over highway 50 for pedestrians will destroy wetlands.

- This is more people than a proper venue holds; for example, Redrocks holds 9,000 and Madison Square Garden holds 18,000.

- The noise level is a grave concern. The music organization has agreed on a decibel level of 105. This is “a level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss.” OSHA’s daily permissible level for this exposure is 1 hour. The NIOSH’s is zero.

- There are public health concerns that haven’t been addressed.

- There are people who live adjacent to the Vandaveer property who will be deeply affected, including children and animals.

- There are people who live in the downtown area that do not want “even more noise” added to their lives.

If you agree that concert is just not a good idea for Salida, please sign the petition. 

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