No Marijuana Cultivation and Manufacturing near a Neighborhood Church and Park!

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Request has been made to the City of Sacramento Planning Division by a marijuana cultivating and manufacturing group to utilize a space on the corner of C and 15th St that shares it's building with a community church located on 1516 C St and is within roughly 50 feet from Muir's Children's Neighborhood Park located on 1515 C St, Sacramento, CA 95818.

This request is not only asking to utilize the space but also to be exempt from an existing Sacramento City Zoning Code "17.228.127" that restricts any marijuana cultivation within 600 feet from a neighborhood park. Code can be read here:

Not only is this NOT OK, but this is also NOT SAFE for the C St neighborhood where families and children attend and play at the community park and attend a community church within few feet from this potential establishment. It is NOT SAFE for families, NOT SAFE for individuals who are in recovery from addictions that attend a recovery group hosted by the community church on the weekly bases.

These kinds of operations also attract unwanted attention for the neighborhood, create waste and enable for potential violent crimes to occur. Sgt. Bryce Heinlein, a Sacramento police spokesman said “These marijuana grows have invited other crimes to occur,”...“It’s a cash crop. People know there’s money involved. Criminals take advantage of that.”

Imagine a high risk marijuana factory moving into your neighborhood or next door to a place your frequently visit. This is NOT OK and it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED by the C St community.

Sign the petition to say NO and have the City of Sacramento uphold their Zoning Laws and prevent these trespassers from entering into our communities.