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Remove or Replace speed bumps on Morrison Road, Putney NSW to protect other road users

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New speed bumps (or speed "cushions" due to their limited width) have been installed on Morrison Road, Putney, that put cyclists' lives at risk.

These speed bumps do not span the entire width of the road, instead they take up a width of about 1.5 metres, with a width of around 2 metres either side of smooth road where the bicycle lane is.

Unfortunately, many cars go around the speed bumps by using the bicycle lane, often giving very little notice for a cyclist to slow down, and cutting them off.

These bumps are completely ineffective at "increasing road safety" as

a) most drivers avoid them, putting other road users (e.g. cyclists) at risk,
b) due to their limited width, many drivers of larger and more dangerous vehicles can go over them at full speed, and
c) many drivers often resort to sheer stupidity to avoid them (e.g. by crossing a double white line as in the first video)

These speed bumps should be removed, or replaced with an effective solution, e.g.:

a) add clearly marked bollards on the white line so that cars cannot bypass the bump without severe damage
b) install a wider speed bump that takes up the entire width of the road (with a small gutter area on each side)

Some videos of the speed bumps "in action" are below:

1. On flat part of road heading West before Putney school. Note the white camry going across a double white line to overtake another driver slowing for the speed bump

2 and 3. On descent heading west towards Tennyson road. Many cars hit this at speed and around 3 in 4 cars will avoid the bump. Some drivers actually seem proud of avoiding the bump

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