Synthetic Turf on Verges in the City of Rockingham CoR NO GENERIC GUIDELINES

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City of Rockingham has NO GENERIC GUIDELINES on Verge Treatment
Delphine Enkler, Baldivis, Australia
JUL 26, 2018 — The City of Rockingham have issued a STAY on current orders until review as per email from Director of E&PS see below.

As Motion EP-075/12 was only carried and NOT adopted as POLICY, as per minutes Oct 2012, pending a report from the CEO on synthetic Turf since that date! How can a local government enforce a order, and subsequently give a STAY under the Local Government Act 1995 based on a Motion not adopted?

Especially as stated by CoR E&PS Dept 23rd July 'the CoR has NO GENERIC GUIDELINES for verge treatment'.

Hence at CoR Council meeting 24th July the question has been asked "why All Removal Orders are not withdrawn and reassured that no further action re: non-compliance issues relating to Synthetic Turf issued retrospectively?" No answer provided today.

CoR need to take action to withdrawn all orders and clearly develop a interim policy ASAP to enable ratepayers to move forward in the development of the verges adjacent to their property. Giving the CoR 3 months to review Local Law as per email below.

'...please note that the City will not proceed with any actions in this matter until after Council has fully considered the review of the Local Law. To be clear, the compliance action remains in place, however you do not need to take any action at this time. I will provide a further update to you once the matter has been considered at the October meeting".

Do you have Synthetic turf on your verge in the City of Rockingham?

Are you aware City of Rockingham moved a motion in July 2012 without community consultation or government consultation or adopting it as policy.

“That Council NOT Support the use of contemporary synthetic turf products in public places such as road verges, recreation reserves and areas in the general public domain until such time that the safety and validity of synthetic turf products can be assured.’’ Pg 83-85

This information was not passed onto the community/ public thru CoR staff when enquiring about installing synthetic turf as was our personal experience in 2014

18th July 2018 we were issued with an order to remove the turf from the verge as it was not compliant with the City of Rockingham Local Government Act and a Motion passed in 2012. Along with several other properties.

This information was not provided to us previously nor can it be found to date in any policy on the CoR web page or provided when requested. It is only in the minutes of July 2012. 

Yet Council has continued to install Synthetic Turf at Larks Hill, Baldivis and Shoalwater in 2016/2017 as per their own Bulletin! Pg 83

As you can imagine this effects 1000s of homes in the City of Rockingham, local businesses, Real Estate Agents (who have sold homes with “non-compliant verge treatment) and the overall community! 

We call on the City of Rockingham; to permit Synthetic Turf already installed on the verges within the City of Rockingham!