Allow goats as pets in Riley, Kansas

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This petition is only for residents of Riley, Kansas. All persons signing petition please provide the following: First and last name, address (to show city council you are in fact a resident of Riley, Kansas), and comment with what you believe is a reasonable number of goats per family. The information provided will not be used for anything except to give city council a true representation of people in Riley, Kansas that support the petition.

PURPOSE: Ensure that residents of Riley, Kansas understand the ordinance trying to be changed and are in agreeance that they do not mind small goats within city limits. Signing the petition does not mean any person wants or will get a goat. Signing the petition simply gets a count of the residents that feel owning small goats in city limits should be acceptable as long as residents follow the propose ordinance.
This petition is for the amendment of Ordinance 1102 to allow for permitted goats in the City of Riley, Kansas. The following is an explanation of the desired changes to Ordinance 1102:

Section 6. Definitions
(1) “Goat” shall mean those domestic goats commonly kept for the production of milk or as pets. This shall be limited to dwarf, kinder, miniture, and pygmy breeds.
(2) “Permitted goat” shall mean female goat or male wether (neutered) goats.
It shall be lawful to own or keep permitted goats, within the City. The maximum total number of permitted goats allowed to be owned or kept per person or household is __.

Section 7. Running at large prohibited
It shall be unlawful for any person to allow permitted goats to run or be at large at any time in the city. For the purpose of this section, the term “at large” shall be defined to include those times during which any permitted goat shall not be confined or kept in pens sufficiently strong or constructed to keep such goat on the premises of their owner or keeper.

Section 8. Permits
A person desiring to keep permitted goat in the city shall apply for a permit to do so and the governing body will consider whether such permit should be granted. A permit granted pursuant to this section shall be reviewed annually by the governing body at the April regular meeting of the governing body and said permit may be renewed or cancelled at that time. The governing body reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time.

The information provided will be presented to the City Council for the City of Riley. The information is meant to represent community members that accept the allowance of goats in city limits, but not to represent the people interested in keeping goats. By providing your information you are agreeing that neighbors in the community should have the ability to own goats outlined in the above proposed changes. The proposed ordinance is subject to change depending on City Council and other related parties.

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