Rensselaer Residents Against Toxic Dumping

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The Dunn C&D Landfill in the City of Rensselaer, NY has been in operation since July 2012. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation lists the Dunn property as a construction and demolition debris landfill. 

In 2009, the Dunn property was annexed from the town of North Greenbush into the City of Rensselaer. Since 2012, huge haulers have been hauling debris from New York City, New Jersey and other regions of the southern tier. These trucks can be seen lining up on Partition Street around 5:45 AM, one after another.

As most people know, C&D is supposed to be construction waste, though many times the dumpsters that are used contain municipal waste as well. The Rensselaer City school district property is just a stone's throw from the landfill. Recently, residents in the city have been smelling strong odors of "municipal waste" and whatever other pollutants may be present in the landfill.

This is becoming a huge problem and a major health concern. Now is the time to work together and let our voices be heard. So many people in Rensselaer end up with various types of cancers. We do not need another issue to worry about. Tell the City of Rensselaer that making a quick penny is not the right answer!