Ban Regina Body Rub (Massage) Parlours – Public Consultation

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The City of Regina is initiating a public consultation on how to handle the concern of body rub parlours (massage parlours/brothels).  There are currently between 17-21 of these body rub parlours operating in Regina, SK.

We as Freedom Catalyst Regina (an anti-human trafficking organization) are opposed to permitting body rub parlours to operate in or around Regina.  We believe that these body rub parlours will do any or all of the following:

  1. Cost Regina residents additional tax dollars to provide additional policing, trauma care, addictions treatment, counselling for post-traumatic stress, and City enforcement.
  2. Foster increased crime and the presence of organized crime – including promoting the wrong idea that buying sex is legal.
  3. Reduce the desirability and real estate value of the surrounding businesses and homes.
  4. Encourage the type of tourism that we do not want.
  5. Create major safety concerns and problems for workers and clients (regardless of where they might be located in the city).
  6. Exploit vulnerable girls, youth, and women.
  7. Set an unwanted example, and increase sexually transmitted diseases for the members of our community.
  8. Endanger, risk injury, and increase human trafficking for the marginalized and vulnerable workers within these businesses.
  9. Increase and normalize the sex trade in our city.

The City is also proposing one option of moving them to high traffic areas (downtown, commercial zones, and major corridors) with the anticipated hope of having increased safety for the workers.  This is not something Freedom Catalyst recommends, and by doing so, it will create even more safety problems over time.  This will also work to normalize and provide further advertising for sexual exploitation in our community (please see our position statement for more information).

We also are advocating for a “report a john” webpage to be implemented.  This would be a great tool that can be used by concerned citizens to report illegal sex trade activity in their community.  A similar webpage is already being used by the Edmonton Police:

If you don’t want body rub parlours in our City, please sign this petition.  Let’s please become engaged on this important issue and let the voice of our community be heard! 

Also please share this petition with all of your friends, family and contacts that would appreciate hearing about it – thank you!

To read Freedom Catalyst position statement (and summary about the Regina public consultation) you can find a link to it at the bottom of the article on this page:

The City of Regina is also accepting written statements on this topic.  Please submit a statement voicing your concern over allowing these body rub parlours to operate in our city.  Written statements can be sent to up until the deadline of March 22, 2019.  Written submissions must include author name, street address, email and phone number.

The City’s initial proposals are here:

If you need any further information, please contact the City at 306-777-7000, email us at (also please request to join our mailing list), or connect with us on Facebook at

Mr. Mayor Fougere and City Councillors, we the undersigned do not want body rub parlours to operate in Regina.  We also support implementing an online “report a john” webpage for the public to report illegal sex trade work.  Please do everything in your power to reject any form of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our city!

Thank you,

Freedom Catalyst Regina