Bring Sea Otters back to Palos Verdes

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Hi I'm Beckett! I'm a fourth grader, and I think scientists should study how to bring sea otters back to Palos Verdes.

While staying at home because of coronavirus, I have been writing to experts and community leaders hoping to learn more about sea otters and their impact on our local ecosystem.

Healthy kelp forests provide habitat for many species. These titan algae reduce coastal erosion and protect our peninsula against storm waves.  They are also efficient at storing carbon which helps fight climate change.  

Sea urchins are devouring our kelp forests and robbing native animals of their natural habitat.  Sea otters love to eat sea urchins!  A population of otters would be the most effective way to decrease the population of urchins.    

The people of our peninsula would make great caretakers of sea otters because we care a lot about nature and animals. People in my community volunteer to plant native habitat, clean our beaches, and rescue injured seals and sea lions. We would make the otters feel right at home!   One day I would like to go hiking at Point Vicente with my family and see rafts of sea otters floating in our kelp forests.  Please help me by signing and sharing my petition!