Tell the City of Providence: Close Streets to Cars & Open them to Pedestrians

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence residents are increasingly taking to the streets to get out of the house and exercise to maintain their physical and mental health.

However, with our parks currently closed, the sidewalks and bike lanes are more crowded than ever with walkers, runners, and cyclists looking to get some fresh air. With less green space due to the park closures, staying six feet apart from fellow residents has proven increasingly difficult, often forcing us to move into the street to contend with cars. In order to create more safe spaces for citizens to be physically active, we should tap into an abundant resource in our city - streets! Miles and miles of asphalt are ready and waiting to be converted to open streets for residents to safely bike, run, and walk, all while maintaining 6+ feet of space between one another.

That’s why we are calling upon the City of Providence to temporarily implement an "Open Streets" policy on some of our roads. By closing streets such as Blackstone Boulevard, Pleasant Valley Parkway, Broad Street, and Broadway Street to motor vehicles and opening them up for cyclists and pedestrians, our residents can safely exercise outside, free of fear of the dangers of speeding cars while maintaining six feet of social distancing.

Tell the City of Providence: Implement an Open Streets Policy NOW!