Citizens Demand Contract for local Chief of Police

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Officer James Waters has been serving the City of Princeton as a Patrol Officer as well Chief of Police for 14 years now WITHOUT a guaranteed contract from the city in order to secure his position. We as a community feel it is VERY important to show our support and appreciation for the outstanding job Chief Waters has done in our community. Mr. Waters has proven that he has done more than satisfactory work within our community, and citizens of Princeton have recognized his outstanding service.

For these reasons we are asking the City Council, who are the voices of the Citizens of Princeton, the grant our request.

We, the citizens of Princeton, TX, are demanding the City Council to approve an official contract that our Chief of Police, Mr. James Waters is in an agreement with. We ask that you grant Mr. Waters a contract for his position for the next 5-6 years, or until he reaches retirement.

By signing this petition below, we vow that our information and signatures are true and correct, as well support the requests mentioned above