City of Prince George, BC & World Curling Federation postpone the Curling Tournament!

City of Prince George, BC & World Curling Federation postpone the Curling Tournament!

March 6, 2020
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Started by Savita Jaswal

As we know Coronavirus or COVID-19 is spreading around the world. While the medical community tirelessly works to understand the virus and how to contain and eradicate it, health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) is advising people to stay safe and do their part in slowing down transmission.

As of right now, our city of Prince George, has no confirmed cases of COVID-19, however our provinces number of cases has most recently spiked by 8 in less than 24hours. Countries are advising citizens to refrain from all non essential travel, major events are being canceled or postponed - such as movie previews and the Arnold Classic, in order to slow spread. However, our city appears to be negligent of how virus spread can be stopped. I understand the International Curling Tournament being hosted in Prince George was a great opportunity to bring positive spotlight to our city, tourism and of course money, but amidst a global pandemic is it wise to move forward with the event? The city has decided it is, without consultation from its citizens.

While most people will recover should they contract COVID-19, we have a vast number of individuals, from children to seniors, who will become seriously ill should they be exposed. I'm starting this petition as a person who recently donated a kidney to a stranger just 6 weeks ago. I was a match for my husband but we chose to help someone whose person was not a match for them but was for my spouse. New transplant recipients have ZERO in way of an immune system, they are advised of the dangers of respiratory illness (which COVID-19 is one of), anyone who has ever received a transplant is permanently immunocompromised, cancer patients are vulnerable, and anyone else who has an underlying medical condition.

By moving forward with this event, are we as a city willing to show the world we care so little about our vulnerable peoples? Is this the message we want to send to those people whose health and well-being is dependent upon healthy people? Are we willing to harden the lives of people in our community, people who already face challenges healthy people are LUCKY not to know? 

I've started the petition with little hope, but could not sit by silently...even if I expect the city I was born and grew up in to disappoint me and all of those people who would give anything not to have to worry about every virus that pops up.

A quote from a World Health Organization personnel:

"So when we talk about the measures, we're making a judgment about human life here. And people often ask me, is that too much? It depends on how you value your vulnerable populations who are at risk here."

City of Prince George, show us what you value.

I like the following two excerpts from a physician in the New York Times:

"People who don’t suffer from underlying conditions and are not elderly are generally expected to recover, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Saturday."

“However, every once in a while you’re going to see a 25-year-old person, who looks otherwise well, that’s going to get seriously ill. But the vast majority of people who get into trouble do have these underlying conditions,”

The VAST majority of people who end up in TROUBLE are our vulnerable people - underlying health conditions, like compromised immunity, respiratory issues, diabetes even. I'm absolutely disgusted by how many people don't seem to care. It's been alarming how self-focused people really are...which Coronavirus has really brought to light.

I wish people would take a breath for a second and understand yes IF you are HEALTHY you will be fine if you get it. Fact is, however, the more healthy people who get it the more it continues to spread and then boom a person with a medical condition gets it and is now being intubated and in critical condition. Why are people okay with possibly contributing to that?? 

Is this what we want Prince George known for? The city willing to expose it's citizens to a not understood virus for a couple day event.

Thanks, anyone who took the time to read and share. 



This petition made change with 454 supporters!

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