Help Support Sociology 299 group project at FNUC, proposal for Urban Sweat Lodge!

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On behalf of myself and my group members of Sociology 299- First Nations University of Canada, we would like to ask if you are interested in supporting our project focused on Loss of culture as a determinate of mental illness. We are going to be addressing city council to propose a future Urban Sweat Lodge in the city. After doing research within the city we have come to learn from several organizations that there is a gap in Indigenous specific mental health treatment options. As you know, mental illness is connected to all parts of the person from an Indigenous worldview and we believe that Urban Indigenous people are in need of an easily accessible and available place where cultural healing is offered. This will bring people together in a safe environment and connect them with their cultural roots which is known to be a determinate of mental wellness. The Urban Sweat Lodge would also create employment for social workers, Elders, and provide a place for practicum students as well. Having this service available has been successful in other Canadian cities. It has the potential to lower the number of hospital admissions, incarcerations, and vulnerable youth getting caught up in the criminal justice system. All in all, we strongly believe that having this space dedicated to Indigenous healing is important for the city and the people in the city. Please let us know your thoughts and feelings about what we are proposing.

Best Regards,

Jessica Wozniak
Yvette McDermott
Tamara Bighetty
Mackenzie Luedtke
Brittany McDermott