Bring back diving in Prescott

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For many years, divers enjoyed the dive park in Prescott. It offered an artificial reef and a couple of anchors but more than the artifacts themselves, it offered an opportunity for divers new to the sport to hone their skills to move on the the bigger shipwrecks in the area making them safer divers. It offered a safe training ground for those divers trying out new equipment. It was a great way to refresh diving skills at the beginning of the season. The City of Prescott had the forsight to enhance and renovate their waterfront and during construction, when it wasn’t safe for use, they removed the ramp that the divers used to exit the dive park. Unfortunately this ramp has stil not been re-installed despite the fact that when questioned about it, their intentions are to do so. It has been 4 summers now and this site is sorely missed. The town of Prescott is missing out on the dive tourism as divers spend money on coffee, snacks, gas and meals. 

Help us show the town of Prescott how much we value and miss the ability to dive the Prescott Dive Park and show them how many of us would support the re-installation of the dive ramp!