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Save water and energy by innovative water recirculating framework

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Water and energy is being wasted everyday as water is not staying heated in water pipes that go to showers and faucets. This water goes down the drain and converts to grey water.

This is a huge loss to the environment, water and energy.

 As per our research, average household wastes ~9 gallons per day of clean water in shower as the water is not warm enough in the morning and goes down the drain. That amounts to ~400 Billion gallons of water wasted in the US per year assuming average household of 4 people.

Our low cost and easy install solution uses a thermal Sensor Valve and Piping to recirculate this cold water back to the boiler and saves it from becoming grey.

This solution helps the consumers to:

1) Save Clean Water
2) Impact to environment

With this solution, we expect the home user to recover, from water-consumption perspective, the cost of the solution from savings in 3 years and after that the solution pays you back. The city also benefits as it would potentially reduce the strain of water ecosystem infrastructure.

We request the authorities to help increase visibility of this environment friendly low cost solution. We also request the authorities to offer rebates or incentive to consumers to adopt this solution.

Thank You.

Tech 5 Team

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