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Stop the demolition of 100 year old Edwardian home in Balaclava

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A development company along with real estate agent David Sullivan at Hocking Stuart is going to demolish a 100-year-old Edwardian house in Balaclava to erect an apartment building which has been described as an "electricity hungry cube". The street is otherwise comprised of humble dwellings, which all contribute to the aesthetic conversation within the community and the history of the wider suburb. The intended structure will permanently dismantle the organic vernacular of our home and evoke change that will be forever irreparable to fix.

This modern form of vandalism has become an accepted crime of which many of us pass by, or acknowledge with a powerless, fleeting sadness. Previously the architecture of a community had a distinct and discernible expression, it not longer does. A day will come where every street will look like everywhere else, and we shall all be very much impoverished, not only that but—more impoverishingly still—we will be unable to express or even understand or depict what we have lost.

We cannot expect Australia to advance in a cultural sense unless we identify and arrest change in a direction that medicates the ills of this suburban phenomenon. It is important that the public is made aware of dodgy design and of the affects of good design, which only can come from an understanding of local structures and aesthetic principles from tradition and contemporary discovery. This house has already suffered preparatory damage from the developer, however, it can still be saved with your help. 

 Adress: 13 Blenheim St, Balaclava VIC 3183


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