Bring back Paula’s Community Fairy Garden

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Our lovely 84 year old neighbour Paula hand built an incredible fairy garden for children over the years.

This brought visitors from all over the community to enjoy and was built for pure joy for the children and families.

After a complaint was recently made, Paula was ordered by the Council to remove the entire garden she’d built, throw away the toys, dig out any plants and remove rocks that had been painted.

Paula is absolutely confused and destroyed by this decision. I won’t put how personally it’s affected her for the public to read, but she has lost her only purpose other than her Family. She lives alone and is currently grieving over the loss of her Brother in November. 

She cries looking out her front gate or when speaking about what has happened.
The community is also feeling a loss for Paula and for all that enjoyed the beautiful space.

Allow Paula to rebuild her garden/space on the grass along the tram line, as it was.

I am Paula’s neighbour and I see the joy this garden has brought to our street, Paula and the community.

A women like Paula and her kindness should be celebrated, not torn down.
Let’s restore Paula’s faith in the world in the little time she has left!