Allow dogs to time-share on Port Phillip beaches during Summer

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City of Port Phillip beaches are largely unused prior to 9.30am each morning and after 7.00pm at night during Summer. Allow dog walkers to use them during these times from 1 November to end of March instead of complete ban.

Instead of fining dog walkers for bringing dogs onto beaches during Summer, allow dogs to time-share from 1 November to 31 March: prior to 9.30am and after 7pm each day. Fine dog walkers who do not pick up after their dog.

Personal story
I have been a resident in the CoPP council area for 30 years. Despite paying all my (exorbitant) rates on time and periodically reporting safety issues to the Council, I was fined $120 for taking my dog onto the beach. It was 6.50am just days prior to Christmas - there was not a soul on the beach and I was walking my 5 week old baby in a pram. Despite my ability to show my dog was under effective control (she ran to me immediately when I called her), the young woman representing the Council issued me a fine. I appealed it but was unsuccessful.

Many other Councils allow dogs on the beach during certain hours in Summer. When our beautiful Port Phillip beaches are largely unused in the early morning and late in the evening, why not allow our pets to enjoy them.
If the concern is owners not picking up after their dogs, then fine those owners.