Allow a local gallery to host public music and arts events with local artists

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The local music and arts community in Pomona is a rich and important part of the city's culture. This city is very well known for its local concerts/music events, but venues to host them have become scarce. We would like for the alley gallery in Downtown Pomona to be able to host music and public events in the alley next to their venue again.

The City Of Pomona should allow this venue to do so with the support of this thriving music/arts community within the arts colony. It would make Downtown Pomona a destination for many.

Growing up in the city of Pomona going to local concerts as well as booking them has kept myself and others out of trouble and has given people a purpose and a place to call home despite wherever else they may feel unwelcome. There currently is no program in place that does what the arts/music community does for people. Most importantly, the youth of its city needs more positive and healthy outlets for the youth in this city dealing with the struggles of growing up in an urban area.