Woodward Heights Cut-through traffic & Illegal Trucks

Woodward Heights Cut-through traffic & Illegal Trucks

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Thomas Hendrickson started this petition to City Of Pleasant Ridge and

The residential street of Woodward Heights gets 3,600 cut-through drivers per day. An excellent residential street gets under 300 vehicles/day. A good street gets under 600 vehicles/day. A poor street gets above 1200 vehicles/day.

Woodward Heights also gets 43 illegal trucks per day - including illegal out-of-town garbage trucks, trucks carrying explosive materials, and ground-shaking semi-trucks.

Since 9 mile's "road diet" and the changes at 10/mile/696 the cut-through traffic has increased. Traffic apps send drivers to Woodward Heights.

We are a cut-through street. Cut-through drivers are impatient, rude, and aggressive. The noise created at the stop signs makes sleeping through the night impossible and crossing the street is a battle. Most vehicles ignore the stop signs.

Serious accidents have become too common. A cyclist was hit at the Bermuda intersection and taken by ambulance. A cyclist was hit and injured at Woodward. The Woodward crosswalk is 7 feet wider than all other east-side crosswalks - making it more attractive to cut-through drivers and illegal trucks and more dangerous for pedestrians.

In 2018 an out-of-control driver crashed into 2 cars, drove onto the sidewalk, and crashed into a utility pole - breaking it in half.

In 2020 an out-of-control car drove on the sidewalk and ended up upside down on a resident's front yard.

Side-swipes and property damage caused by cut-through drivers has become much too common for a residential street. Most of those drivers flee the scene.

These types of accidents are not normal for a residential street. Woodward Heights has become unsafe.

The city has ignored the issue and the pleas of the residents for too long.

Because of road diets and traffic apps, cut-through traffic has become a worldwide problem.

Speed bumps, pinch points, and stop signs do not stop cut-through traffic and illegal trucks.

Experts agree the only way to stop the cut-through drivers and illegal trucks is to turn the street into a cul-de-sac, just as the city has done with many PR streets in the past.

In order to stop cut-through traffic in the 1950's the city closed off the northern streets at 10 mile with barricades. They put residents above cut-through traffic. The closures were made permanent when 696 was built.

Many streets on the east side have been closed off at Gainsborough - completely stopping cut-through drivers. Those streets are now calm, peaceful, and safe. And their home values have increased. Same with the residents on Fairwood who stopped cut-through traffic with Cork Wine Bar.

The current PR government refuses to help Woodward Heights. If we don't take action, the problems will continue - serious accidents will continue, home values will continue to decrease, and more residents will move.

Testing a cul-de-sac for Woodward Heights is worth a try. If we don't like it, we can stop the test and go back to "normal".

It's our last hope for a livable, safe, and tranquil residential street. We all deserve that.

As a test, temporary barricades could and should be placed at the Woodward alley and at the Ferndale industrial border.

The city puts barricades up along Woodward during the Dream Cruise - for all streets except Sylan (because it's the only through street connecting east and west PR). For some reason, they leave WH open to the Dream Cruise mayhem. It's as if the city doesn't view us as a residential street/neighborhood. They stop the cruise traffic from spilling into all PR neighborhoods except the through-street of Sylvan and (for some reason) Woodward Heights. They don't see WH as a neighborhood. They see us as a pass-through for 3600 vehicles/day and 43 illegal trucks/day.

The city has barricades, so it would not cost PR residents any money to run the test.

The city's excuses for not fixing the problems are erroneous.

They say Woodward Heights is a "1/2 mile road". 1/2 mile roads are an informal name with no legal designation. All other "1/2 mile" roads are 36 feet wide. Woodward Heights is only 30 feet wide. Also, Oakridge Ave, in Ferndale, is exactly 1/2 way between 9 and 10 mile.

Woodward Heights is a historic 1920's RESIDENTIAL street, not a "1/2 mile road".

Ferndale's industrial portion of Woodward heights is 36 feet wide. That portion of Woodward Heights could be called a 1/2 mile road. The residential portion of Woodward Heights in Pleasant Ridge is not a "1/2 mile road".

The residential portion of WH in Pleasant Ridge, being only 30 feet wide, does not meet the definition of a 1/2 mile road.

By calling WH a 1/2 mile road, the city thinks it gives them permission to treat WH as something other than a residential street/neighborhood. They feel it gives them the right to disenfranchise and neglect the residents - letting the street become an unsafe, loud, aggressive, lawless wild west.

It's time for a change. Let's improve our street! Let's at least run a test.

Traffic is currently down a bit due to the pandemic, but it will be picking up soon. Now seems a good time to run a test.

Please watch this short interview with Commissioner Bret Scott about the 43 illegal trucks/day: https://youtu.be/ZaP8nP19y6M

Please see the documentary about Woodward Heights and the issues here: https://youtu.be/PYNeE9xK0cg 

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