Expedite Traffic Calming on Maytide Street

Expedite Traffic Calming on Maytide Street

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Soraya Bey started this petition to City of Pittsburgh - Mayor's Office and

Dear Mayor Peduto,

I have been in contact with several city elected officials to address the erratic drivers on Maytide street since March. By June I had 2 cars (parked off the street) totaled and crashed into mine and my adjoining neighbors homes. The following email of requests was sent to the councilman and the mayors office on 8/3/2020 after going to WPXI ON 6/19/2020.

“I am copying Council Woman Kail on this email as it appears the only time I hear back from Coghill himself is if she reaches out to him. I'm grateful she has been able to positively influence the communication with our district leader. Everyone else has been copied as I have received a lot of community feedback about District's 4's current office failing to get back to constituents regarding their concerns. I want to cover all bases and make sure everyone who needs to be a part of this conversation is included and that nothing is lost in translation.

During my telephone conversation with Councilman Coghill on 7/31/2020 at 1p ET, he expressed that your office is willing to do anything they can to support the residents while DOMI handles the bureaucracy of the necessary updates to the road. After having him at our home 8/1/2020 around 2p we discussed the following requests from the community.

Here is a list of what we are requesting, including but not limited to:

  • Transparency with concerned residents about the status of said resolutions. - Coghill committed to keeping us informed.
  • Clear the debris and make the sidewalk in the 700 block accessible to pedestrians. They recently started to regularly do street cleaning since I filed a complaint via 311 in June. We are grateful for that, but the overgrown hillside covering the sidewalk in the 700 block is in fact made worse during street cleaning as debris is tossed in the road during the cleaning.- Coghill advised that clearing the sidewalk there should not be a problem and should allow guardrails to be installed since there are no homes or driveways in that area. I was also recently made aware that the largest lot in this area is in fact city owned and was told by the councilman’s office that because the neighboring lots are privately owned there wasn’t much that they could do.
  • Repair the city steps as many pedestrians use to safely access nearby roads since all the sidewalks are not accessible. The suggestion to have a crosswalk with flashing lights at the city steps for pedestrians. - Coghill committed to having these repaired. 3 gentlemen were in the area assessing the steps 8/2/2020 around 11:45a. We are hopeful to see the necessary repairs completed.
  • Coghill suggested bollards since guardrails are not an option on most of the road. We do think this would be extremely effective if properly positioned to still allow residents access to their driveways.
  • Ask dealerships to have test driven vehicles NOT route through Maytide as many car shoppers "floor it from top to bottom to test the power of the vehicle. - This was actually a suggestion of Coghill's after sharing with him and witnessing a test driven car speed up the street during his visit.
  • Yellow reflective road markers we believe will help as well.
  • Increased police presence or traffic detail implemented to slow down motorists. Sobriety checkpoints would be beneficial as well as drunk drivers frequent our street at night. Many times resulting in accidents. - Coghill did not say much about the possibility of this but the residents do think it is necessary. The last time I inquired with the mayors chief of staff about data showing an increase in citations, the inquiry was ignored and I was advised the mayor set aside funding for traffic calming measures and it would be happening soon.
  • Additional Signage including but not limited to: Although Coghill stated he does not believe additional signs will make a difference we are still requesting they be implemented. He also suggested I take this list of requests for signs to the appropriate department. I advised I am happy to do so but would feel more comfortable having the request sent from you all as I do not believe I have the power to make said requests and do not feel like it is the responsibility of the residents to do so.

Regulatory Signs

  • STOP (R1-1) signs on Maytide at Biscayne Drive, Bethesda Street, and Edgar Street in both directions.
  • NO UTURN (R3-4): Motorists often use our private property as a turn around.
  • TRUCK WEIGHT LIMIT (R12-5): Oversized should not in fact be allowed to travel this  road considering it’s width that DOMI is aware of. If they must be allowed, a weight limit is suggested. For the amount of damage cars have done. What happens when an oversized vehicle takes out an entire block.

Warning Signs

  • LEFT TURN AHEAD (W1-1): to prepare for the left turn onto Biscayne Dr and Edgar Street
  • SIGNAL AHEAD (W3-3): Approaching Brownsville Road and Saw Mill Run Blvd
  • STOP AHEAD (W3-1a): to prepare for the locations mentioned above where stop signs are needed.
  • DEER CROSSING (W11-3): anywhere possible. Someone once hit a deer in front of our house that miraculously got trapped in our driveway between our house and my husband’s vehicle.
  • ADVISORY SPEED TRUCK ROLLOVER WARNING FOR SHARP CURVE(W1-13a): If we must continue to allow them to travel the road this is suggested.
  • SIDE ROAD LEFT (W2-2): Biscayne & Edgar in the direction of Brownsville Road, then Bethesda in the direction of Saw Mill Run Blvd.
  • T INTERSECTION AHEAD (W2-4): Approaching Brownsville Road and Saw Mill Run Blvd
  • SHARP CURVE TO RIGHT (W1-8): Around every curve but specifically the 700 and 800 blocks closest to Saw Mill Run Blvd but in both directions.
  • SLIPPERY WHEN WET (W8-5): In 800 & 700 blocks in the direction of Saw Mill Run Blvd. I have, on several occasions, witness vehicles lose control of their car in the rain around the curve, even resulting in accidents.
  • NO PASSING ZONE (W14-3): I have witnessed several Public Works employees almost be hit while trying to their jobs because cars won’t either wait or slow down.
  • WINDING ROAD LEFT AHEAD (W1-5): 700 block toward Saw Mill Run Blvd
  • HIDDEN DRIVEWAY: Motorists make it very difficult for residents to safely pull in & out of their driveways. This would help alert motorists why vehicles are slowing down.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Signs

  • YIELD HERE TO PEDESTRIANS (R1-5): anywhere there is a pedestrian crosswalk. - Coghill did state the pedestrian/children crosswalk signs are something he supports.

Here's a reference for the signs for a visual of what we are asking:     https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/services/publications/fhwaop02084/index.htm

  • Support slowing down oversized motor vehicles that use this road as a shortcut. - Coghill did commit to supporting the efforts of  slowing down oversized business vehicles. Here is a list of the companies I have filed complaints with thus far. I cannot do this alone and would like additional support getting through to these corporations.
  • *Pennsylvania American Water: Toni is the Senior Manager of Operations and has been very supportive of my concerns with her drivers. Still some of the drivers have not followed her direction. She has welcomed me to contact her any time her drivers are out of line. 
  • *Duquesne Light Company: I am waiting to hear back from them directly. The reference # for my complaint is 15278910. The complaint was filed online 7/30/2020. I followed up 7/31/202 via telephone and was advised I would be contacted by the supervisor in my area to address my concerns. I have filed additional complaints via facebook with images and video footage of their vehicles speeding on our street 8/2/2020. 
    *Port Authority Transit of Allegheny County: Filed a complaint online 7/15/2020, spoke with someone via telephone the same day. Emailed Katherine Kellemen 7/30/2020, followed up via telephone 7/31/2020 was advised by a WFH CSR that she would escalate my concerns and have a foreman in my area reach out to me. I was then contacted by and even met with Michael Heidkamp and Mike Sniegocki on 8/7/2020. They committed to reiterating the importance of public safety to their drivers and welcomed me to contact them any time their drivers were seen driving erratically on our street.
  • *Michael Facchiano Contracting: Emailed them on 7/16/2020 to complain about their excessive speed (that happens quite frequently) after not being able to reach them via telephone. I have not heard back from them. (info@mafacchianocontacting.com 412-344-5503) 
  • *Folino Construction: Unsuccessful via telephone, filed a complaint via email 7/15/2020. I have not heard from them. (dfolino@afolino.com 412-820-2800) I filed another complaint via email 8/13/2020 and was able to speak with Brendon Stamm (Corporate Safety Director) who ensured they would be on top of their drivers driving safely in our neighborhoods. Dino Folino (Vice President) even reached out to let me know the same day that city contacted them about speed bumps and that he was hopeful they would get funding soon to complete the project.
  • Carvana: I reached out via Facebook 7/21/2020 after witnessing one of their flat beads transporting a jeep almost crash into the car in front of him because he was speeding. They did call me directly and advise they would have my concerns addressed immediately and that this is unacceptable.
  • Republic Services: filed complaint via Facebook 7/16/202 they advised they would escalate and have my concerns addressed. (They do not service my road)
  • US Foods: Reached out via Facebook 7/16/202. They have not responded via messenger. I sadly cannot remember if I spoke to them via telephone.
  • Blue Rhino: Filed complaint online 7/21/2020, they replied via email and stated they take road safety very seriously and will address my concerns. (wecare@bluerhino.com 800-258-7466)
  • *FedEx: Complaint filed via Facebook messenger 7/27/2020. I do not think they understood my concerns. I reached out via telephone 7/31/2020 at 3:20p. She advised she reached out to the terminal and will have them talk with the driver. When I asked her name, she ended the call and the survey started. 

*Repeat offenders who frequent the road and most of the time in an erratic manner.

Councilman Coghill also requested I send Blake the images of my damaged property. I let him know that I have sent you all that information in the past with hopes that you all could share that with him. It appears he wasn't aware you all were already in possession of it as he had never seen any of it.

If there is anything else that I can get over to you all please let me know. I look forward to having the support from you all to protect hard working city residents.”

Since this email I’ve been advised that the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure have finalized resigning the street, the city has established funding and that a contractor has been chosen but that the completion of the project is now in the hands of the contractor and dependent on a number of factors including the weather.

The problem is that there have been a number of accidents since that update, one in which an SUV was completely overturned on the road while residents were outside (10/20/2020).

Here is a link with 15 of the accidents that I’ve documented in the last 4 years (8 of which have happened since May 2020). https://www.facebook.com/622297446/posts/10156951858277447/?d=n

Here are links to show accidents that have ended in death and the injury of a small child.




My hope is that I can get enough community support to get the Mayor’s Office and the chosen contractor to complete this project before years end so that the community doesn’t have to go another winter unprotected. In addition to the city’s abandoned lots on our street that have made the sidewalk inaccessible to pedestrians for over 10 years making it dangerous for the entire community.

The most recent issue I’ve been having is getting the city’s support to keep vehicles off of my property. I sent the following email on 10/23/2020 and have not gotten an update despite my follow up on 10/26/2020.

”Good afternoon all,

I was given conflicting information from officers in Zone 3 regarding parking in front of my home. There was incident last night that required me to go to the station for clarification.

I was told several years ago to put up my own no parking sign to allow them the ability to ticket and tow if my driveway is blocked and/or they’re parked on my sidewalk.

I’ve done that and never had an issue having a vehicle removed before last night. As you all are aware, I do have a disability and it is imperative for me to be able comfortably access my driveway and/or parking pad.

The issue that appears to be arising per the officers are as follows:

• There are no No Parking signs issued by the city in front of my home, despite there being no on street parking. The problem here is that, the telephone pole in front of my house has been replaced at least 8-10x the 8 years I’ve lived here and signage has never been replaced. When I met with Coghill in August about signage he suggested they would be ineffective. I’ve requested handicap signage upon the purchase of my home and was advised by 311 that because there is no on street parking allowed, they were unable to do that. So what are my options? How do I get a city issued no parking sign put up and ensure it’s replaced every time the pole is replaced?

• The curb in front of my home is not dipped low to show it is a driveway or parking pad. The officer suggested I paint the curb yellow. The problem is that, several years ago a utility company came and dug up the sidewalk while I was at work and when they replaced it, they did not dip the curb like it should be. What am I to do about this?

• If as the homeowner the sidewalk is my responsibility AND on street parking is not allowed, how do I get support to keep cars off of my property to avoid them being crashed into my home as 2 of mine were just this year?

I called Coghill’s office and left a message after leaving zone 3 with direction from an officer to get you all’s help to either dip the curb and/or put up the no parking sign to allow them to ticket and/or tow. I wanted to also get this in writing so that any and everyone who is able to assist with this has the details.

I understand the bureaucracy and logistics of redesigning the road but what can be done about the necessary signage to protect property owners and residents in the interim?

Your timely attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.”

How many more people have to die before the city treats this as a public safety issue and prioritizes protecting its city residents?


Soraya Bey & other concerned community members

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