Stop Lead Contamination in Pitt Meadows ALR!

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Stop Pitt Meadows Gun Club from depositing via gun shot, approx. 6000 lbs of lead annually on land in the ALR.  Since 1946 (71 years) the Pitt Meadows Gun Club members have without any environmental protection in place deposited almost half a million lbs. (426,000 lbs. of lead) on this land and on neighbouring farms. This gun club is located on 18 acres of ALR land next to operating farms producing food as well as a local park and BMX track at Barnes Road in Pitt Meadows.  The gun club is surrounded with our local waterways/drainage systems that are used to drain and irrigate all the farms in the area and releasing the excess into the Pitt River from the local pumping stations.  This river is a tidal river that makes it's way into the Pitt Lake as well as the Fraser River. The science on this form of contamination is alarming and overwhelming. This is an urgent environmental issue and shooting must be stopped immediately pending an environmental assessment. We cannot have lead contamination in our food, farm land,air or local fish bearing waterways. Our community prides itself on and heads their website with "Natural Beauty. Right outside your door!"