Stop development of two 23 storey towers and a bridge across Frenchman's Bay in Pickering

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The purpose and goal of this petition is to protect the beautiful and fragile Pickering waterfront, by stopping the development of two 23-storey condo towers which are to be built at the bottom of Liverpool Road on the water. It is also to prevent the proposed construction of a bridge/course-way across the middle of the bay between the East and West shores of Frenchman's Bay. 

An application has been received by the City of Pickering from the Pickering Harbour Company who is proposing a mix use development on the bottom of Liverpool Road. The application if permitted will have significant negative impacts on local wildlife and the environment. It will also create traffic congestion problems and serious public safety issues for local residents. 

There are many factors which we as residents need to consider here:

The negative effect and impact such a development would have on wildlife and the environment for one, with the towers being built literally feet from the banks of a protected migratory bird sanctuary and watershed.  

Then there is the fact that the proposed towers will be built at the end of a dead end street, which already struggles with major traffic congestion issues due to traffic not being able to flow in and out of the area.

Safety issues are also a major concern for residents. During the Spring and Summer months, emergency services were unable to get down to people in distress on the very busy boardwalk and beach areas. This we witnessed just this past year when a young Mother drowned trying to save her Son. Paramedics and Firefighters were forced to literally abandon their vehicles and run in full kit carrying their equipment to the beach as they were unable to drive down Liverpool Road with their ambulances and fire trucks. Adding approximately 1,000 additional new residents and 739 additional new cars to this small area will substantially compound the preexisting safety and congestion issues already being experienced by residents.

And let's not forget about the City selling the developer the only public parking lot in the area so that they can expand the footprint of said condo towers.

The aforementioned and several other major concerns are why we are fighting this proposed development.

In a nutshell, it would be heartbreaking if this plan were to move forward. The bottom of Liverpool is a unique jewel of Pickering. It separates us from other parts of the GTA that have sold out natural habitats and community space for financial gain. To replace the beautiful community that has been created amid protected lands with 23-storey buildings is shameful. We understand that we need more housing in Pickering, but thoughtful and responsible planning is needed here.

If you oppose the development proposals outlined here, please sign the petition and share it with every Pickering resident you have on your contacts, and on you social media friends lists - Thank you.

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1. Is it not a conflict of interest for the Mayor and City Councillors to have accepted payment from a Developer to rename a well know landmark of the city from 'Pickering Recreation Complex' to 'Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex'? Especially considering that many of said Developer's proposed projects have not yet even been approved. One could perceive this as a 'gift' to sway City Hall's decisions could they not?

2. The waters of Frenchman's Bay are classified as the waters of Lake Ontario, and are therefore protected under Federal Law by the Navigation Protection Act - Does the Developer, and it's partner the City of Pickering plan on applying for exemptions pertaining to the Navigation Protection Act, and if so, on what grounds?
Navigation Protection Act link:

3. It is our understanding that the proposed twin condo towers footprints will fall inside of the 'no build zone' parameters of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Plant, and that they are also inside the legally permitted proximity to the environmentally protected shoreline of the Frenchman's Bay watershed. Does the Developer and the Mayor of Pickering plan on applying for exemptions pertaining to building beyond these legal boundaries, and if so, on what grounds?

Thank you for your help and support in protecting our beautiful waterfront for our children and future generations to enjoy.

*City Councillors who DO NOT support this development proposal include: Councillor Bill McLean, Councillor Cumming and Councillor Brenner.