Help Save Award-Winning Inclusive Paddle Programs In Pickering, ON!

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Anita Forgie
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Right now, we should be celebrating. Pickering should be gearing up to cheer on.  For many great reasons.

As an award winning, multi-program paddling club located out of Frenchman's Bay, Pickering Rouge Canoe Club (PRCC) has seen blood, sweat and tears to make it through tough and stormy weather over the years, as a well-known team.  For almost 30 years, paddlers have worked together to face adversity and challenges and have tasted success after hard-fought days of training side-by-side in local, regional, national, world-level and now, Olympic-level meets.

In a few short months, we are more than excited to see Courtney Stott, Olympic hopeful make her way to the Tokyo 2020 OLYMPICS.  Her humble beginnings start in Frenchman's Bay's very own Pickering Rouge Canoe Club (PRCC).
"Pickering's Courtney Stott paddling in the direction of Tokyo Olympic Games"

What an inspiring time for young athletes, neighbours and community to gather and support sports and team-building!  Unfortunately, we are fighting for the very presence of our club and programming that builds on what we work hard to promote:

Leadership, confidence, emotional regulation, sportsmanship, good character, inclusivity, accessibility and community building.

Our programs are for all ages and abilities and provide competitive and summer camp opportunities. We operate out of Rouge Beach and Frenchman’s Bay however, programs including seniors and accessibility needs (PaddleALL/DragonBoat) are best run on Frenchman’s Bay.  PaddleALL, our Special Olympics program of 10 years for people with physical and intellectual disabilities is one of the largest in Canada and the only Special Olympics program in Pickering, Ontario. It received national recognition in 2019. PRCC is identified as part of the Durham Region Adaptive Sport Collective and the PaddleALL program recently received a grant from the Ontario Power Generators.

PRCC needs a new location on Frenchman’s Bay due to flooding and the most promising site is Bruce Hanscombe Park. The TRCA, which owns the park that is managed by the City of Pickering, is supportive of PRCC moving to Bruce Hanscombe.

By moving to Bruce Hanscombe Park (north-side of Bay), we would be able to offer:

  1. Accessible docks for community-use and inclusive sport offerings.
  2. Continue to offer employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  3. Partnership program opportunities with Friendship Centres, Abilities Centre, Variety, Variety Village, Pan Am Centre and many others with improved accessibility to the accessible dock.
  4. Continue to offer award-winning PaddleALL program for Persons with Disabilities 

  5. Continue to offer the only inclusive canoe/kayak programs in all of Pickering and Durham Region.
  6. Continue to offer Quinte Rouge Paddle Club Dragon Boat program out of PRCC. 7 crews are set to compete at the 2020 Canadian Club World Championships in Aux-de-Bains, France.

Please help us to continue to offer this unique on-the-water, inclusive, outdoor experience for all abilities!  Do you value what we offer?

Take a moment to support us:

  • Sign this petition and save our club. Our diverse and inclusive athlete pool thanks you!
  • Call Mayor Dave Ryan's office today and let him know!  905-420-4600

Thank you for your continued support and interest in working with PRCC and it’s membership, participants and community to continue to provide outstanding, inclusive programming and showcase sportsmanship and team play.