Help us clean the illegal landfill in our neighborhood

Help us clean the illegal landfill in our neighborhood

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Naomi Proctor started this petition to City of Phoenix Officals

Dear All,

We are attempting to help get the neighborhood cleaned up so that we do not have to see piles of trash illegally dumped in our neighborhood. We do not need money so please do not donate (it does not go to us), we are only looking for a signature so that your voice can help make our neighborhood just a little cleaner for us all

Despite ongoing efforts with the city of Phoenix, stemming back to 1988, we have continued to come up short. We now need our neighbors to band together in solidarity to petition the city to make a change.

Between Southern to Pecan, there is an illegal landfill caused by illegal dumpers who choose to dispose of their garbage in our neighborhood, rather than paying to drop it at the landfill as they should. Adjacent two street blocks over between Chambers and Roeser the city received a grant to clean the dumped trash. At that time, they barricaded the field with a mound of dirt which seems to have deterred most of the dumping, at least to current. We are asking that the City of Phoenix at least do the same thing for the field plot between Southern and Pecan.

To provide a bit of backstory; the middle lot that sits between Pecan and Broker, some local neighbors who are owners of a small parcel of the field were successful in getting permission to keep their plot fenced, however, only after a lengthy court battle in which they spent a significant amount of time and money fighting. There has been nothing but pushback at every effort made. The landowners and homeowners are punished for the criminal dumping from someone else by being forced to clean up and pay for proper disposal even though it is not their fault and we have done everything in our power to work with the city and police department to try and stop the dumping from happening. This seems to be unethical, very unfair, and rather cruel - "they do the crime, we do the time". This is definitely not justice.

The trash is lowering our property values, subjecting us to unsafe conditions, creating a dirty environment, and exposing surrounding houses to fire hazards. It is also an attractive nuisance that draws more dumpers. We need accountability from our city and our local government. We do not deserve for our neighborhood to be neglected and to live in filth that is no fault of our own, nor is it a lack of trying to get it cleaned up.

We hope that with your signatures, we can advocate for all. We will do everything we can but we need to document your support. In 1988, homeowners from 46th place appeared before Phoenix Mayor Terry Goddard and City Council members to complain about the same issue. Following their complaints, the trash was removed due to their motivation and voices. Our hope is that we can accomplish the same, with the goal of long-term results.

Though we are not soliciting anything other than your signature of support at this time, if you are interested in getting involved by helping to get signatures from our neighbors or in any other way such as appearing with us again in front of the City Council when we present the petition, you can contact us using the email below.

Please visit our website and share with any and all local neighbors. PLEASE sign up and follow our updates on this webpage. Our website will be used as a platform for our community to have discussions about the ongoing problems. We will continue to keep our neighborhood updated through our website and hope that each of you will be active in our virtual community.



Thanks for supporting our cause,

Your neighbors

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!