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City of Philadelphia: Implement the contract awarded to the Philadelphia Fire Fighters


Since 2009, the Philadelphia Fire Department has been working without a contract with the city of Philadelphia. Between Sept. 17, 2010 and Oct. 15, 2010, the city and Local 22 went to arbitration and a four-year contract was awarded. On Nov. 12, 2010. The city appealed, saying the agreement was too costly. On Nov. 16, 2011. A Common Pleas Court judge sent the contract back to arbitration. On July 2, 2012. An arbitrator awarded virtually the same terms. In July, 2012, the city again appealed the award. In November 2012, Court of Common Pleas Judge Idee C. Fox upheld the SECOND contract awared in arbitration. In December 2012, Mayor Nutter again decided to appeal the binding arbitration award and judges ruling.  In addition to refusing to implement the contract, the city brown-outs firehouses daily in an attempt to save money, however, it leaves neigborhoods unprotected.

The court proceedings to fight this contract have cost the city tax payers over 1 million dollars since 2008, yet the city says it is unable to pay for the contract awarded by binding arbitration. City Controller, Alan Butkovitz, and financial watch dog institutions state that this simply is not true. The city can afford this award and should implement it immediately.

The people who go to work to protect Philadelphia and it's citizens are now the ones who need help. The morality of the fire department and the financial well being of it's employees are currently at risk. Please sign this petition and help the people who live to serve and protect YOU!

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