To compel the City of Peterborough to invest in clean zero emission transportation.

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 The City of Peterborough has arranged to invest federal and provincial money into our city transit system.  On the face of it this is a good thing for citizens.  In actuality the intent is to add new diesel combustion buses which will further increase our capacity to expel Co2.  Co2 is known to trap heat in our atmosphere and is causing a breakdown in the cyclical systems of nature. Buying a bus has an overall lifetime cost and it should be looked at it this way.  An electric bus represents a direct reduction of emission and a cost savings over the lifetime of the vehicle.   

If the city were to follow a replacement schedule on their fleet vehicles they could easily accommodate the extra up front cost of the electric vehicles knowing the fuel and oil savings would start to compound as vehicles are replaced.  Once complete the city would have a quite clean efficient system with the potential to run on our own electricity!  This would represent a huge cost savings to the tax payer and clean air for a better future.  The alternative diesel bus involves cancers lung disease, disappearance of nature. 

This petition is intended to compel the City of Peterborough to no longer purchase traditional combustion fuel vehicles, or spend money expanding their capacity to burn fossil fuel. this includes subsidies to private vehicles owned by employees or city representatives and contractors.