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Alternative Proposal - Changes to Section 4 of Zoning By-law 97-123 City of Peterborough

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Petition Summary and Background
“The City of Peterborough (City) is undertaking a review of Section 4 (Parking Regulations) of Zoning By-law 97-123 as directed by City Council. Amendments are being proposed that affect the following provisions:

-           Setbacks for parking in side and rear yards on residential lots.

-           Prohibiting parking on a front lawn.

-           Revised regulations for recreational vehicles and trailers.

-           Minimum standards for garages.

-           Revised driveway regulations.

A draft Enforcement By-law is also being considered by the City to introduce set fines.”

-           City of Peterborough 

We, the undersigned believe that this proposal and its proposed amendments would harm the community of Peterborough in the following ways.

-           The enjoyment of each citizens use of their own property

-           Suppress Peterborough-Kawartha Cottage Culture

-           Realistic property limitations (height and width, vs. size of property) NOT a general limitation for all property owners of varying sizes

-           Private property ticketing is a slippery slope. Once the local government gets the ability to ticket for this issue what issue is next?

-           Would like realistic assessments of how the issues proposed in this amendment have statistically affected neighboring property values. (dollars and cents, price differences, 3-6 case studies, consulting local real estate experts)

Action Petitioned For
We, the undersigned believe that an alternative proposal suggesting the following amendments would create a more respectful and balanced outcome.

-           Congruent Residential street parking by-law amendments including but not limited to: 1-16th Street Parking Signs and AFFORDABLE street parking passes (for downtown area)

-           Update compaction and building standards for designated lawn space so that overly compacted utilities is a non-issue

-           Creating compromise for landowners based on size of property. As it stands a person cannot park on utilities under their lawn but many cannot pave either due to minimum green space regulations. – City Council needs to provide a compromise or parking alternative for city landowners.

-           Designated Recreational Parking for owners with small lots who do not meet the zoning parameters proposed

Additional Information

39:1 Bill 190, Property Rights and Responsibilities Act, 2009(Ontario) 

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