Change the City of Peterborough's name to Peanut Butter, ON

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In the past few months there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the re-branding of Peterborough, Ontario, with much of the concern centered around a new city slogan. After much deliberation "Outside the Ordinary" was chosen as the new slogan to lead us into the future and to be honest, we aren't that excited about it. 

We feel like Peterborough really needs to be put on the map. No messing around. It's time for a full face lift! New city name. New city Slogan. 

After minutes of deliberation may we introduce:

Peanut Butter, Ontario. "Spread Your Wings and Fly". 

Why does this make sense? We don't know or care. What we do know is that this is surely going to be a slam dunk with the rest of the world. Sign our petition and let's finally get some real change. 

Write your MPP, MP, Mayor and council members. "Spread" the word!!!