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City of Pearland Traffic Engineer: Has the Wilder Elementary School Zone Become a Dangerous Place for our Students?

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Recent activity at Wilder Elementary School has brought into question whether the school zone is safe for our students and children.  Pulling over to drop off kids on the frontage roads of the school (Kingsley and Regents Bay) creates a dangerous situation for the students attending the school.  This causes traffic in the school zone to have to weave "in and out" to avoid the merging traffic and results in driver focus being shifted away from where it should be, on the students.  

In the afternoon during dismissal, parallel parking along Kingsley, in the school zone, makes it impossible for drivers through the school zone to see the kids and avoid them if they were to somehow end up in the street.    Elementary kids this age do not have an appreciation for the dangers automobiles represent and are easily distracted (playing tag, chasing windblown papers, typically horseplay, etc.).  The reaction time of the driver is reduced from greater than ten (10) feet to less than four (4) feet.  In addition, some parents have resorted to parallel parking on the east bound side of Regents Bay and simply jaywalk across the street to pick up their students ignoring the dangers of crossing the street while not in an approved cross walk.  It is only a matter of time before a child is injured because of these situations.  

WE can stop this activity and make the school zone safe for students by getting the City of Pearland Traffic Engineer to designate the school zone at Wilder Elementary School as a "No Parking, Stopping, or Standing Zone" during the hours the zone is in effect.  This allows the school flexibility in using the frontage streets on the weekends and evenings during school functions but protects the students during the mornings and afternoons when they are most vulnerable.  The signs would be similar to those near Merek Elementary in the cul-de-sacs.  If you would like to support this effort, please sign the attached petition.

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