We need more police in Parksville to deal with the drugs and Crime and take back our town

We need more police in Parksville to deal with the drugs and Crime and take back our town

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Over the last year or two the drug and crime scene in Parksville has gotten terrible. We need more police in alternating time rotations including overnight to deal with the prolific offenders and to help clean up our streets. We should feel safe to walk on our city streets regardless of the time of day. We should be able to take our children to the park without fear of needles and naloxone requirements. We should be able to enjoy the sunrise at the park or beach without garbage and drug paraphernalia all over the place. 

I'm tired of feeling like the people on drugs take priority over the people in this town that pay taxes and work hard to support local businesses and tourism. I shouldn't have to lock up every possession including sun chairs in my yard on my property for fear of someone stealing them, and then have someone destroy them because they couldn't be stolen. I shouldn't have to install surveillance on my property as a deterrent for crime. I shouldn't have to carry protection in case a criminal decides they want what I have.

I shouldn't have to explain to my young children what a needle is, or what drugs are, and why they shouldn't touch those things if they see them at their school playground, at the park or even on the road outside our home. They should be able to be little for just a bit longer.

Enough is enough. Let's take back our city. We need more police to help us legally deal with the problems. More police doing patrols through the night and providing a visible presence to help these drug addicted people either get help or move on to somewhere else. 

 This petition is to demand at least 2 more police officers and a task force in this city to deal with the drug problem. Sign it to help save this town. Will you join me in putting a loud voice forward to tell the city enough is enough?