Ban Fireworks in Palm Springs and Surrounding Areas- Help Pets

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We wish to petition a ban on fireworks in Palm Springs and our surrounding neighborhood areas. As the founder of Lost and Found Pets Palm Springs (www.LostandFoundPetsPalmSprings we are consistently receiving complaints and notices of lost dogs and cats that have run-off and escaped, due to the loud firework sounds and/or having been so frightened that the pets have required medical assistance and are usually inconsolable.  
As local residents, we have consistently been hearing legal and illegal fireworks going off in our communities almost every night.  
We are asking and petitioning the City of Palm Springs and the surrounding cities and local police enforcement to assist us in stopping the illegal fireworks going off in our local communities.  
We believe there is a better way on the larger holidays (such as the upcoming Fourth of July) to switch to laser shows and/or a display of silent fireworks.  With laser displays, it is a safer option for our citizens and their animals- not to mention safer for our homes, as we live in the desert which is a highly flammable area due to our extreme heat.  

Please assist us in stopping the consistent barrage of fireworks each night in our cities and look to change our ordinances from audible fireworks to non-audible and/or laser shows.  

For any questions, suggestions or comments please reach out to Shelly Fitzpatrick, Founder of Lost and Found Pets Palm Springs and Fitzpatrick Emergency Animal Search and Rescue.