Historic Preservation Action NOW

Historic Preservation Action NOW

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Concerned Residents started this petition to City of Pacifica

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Honorable Mayor, Planning Commission, Council and Staff, 

The residents of the City of Pacifica and other interested parties request the immediate historic protection for Landmark Designation of this ranch property including but not limited to Corral building, other structures including but not limited to those with local artwork, and existing trails connecting to GGNRA specifically, the overall property commonly referred to as 650 Cape Breton Drive, Pacifica CA including APN's 018-170-060 (erroneously identified on the title report as 081-170-060) and 022-320-200 and 022-320-240 located in the Commercial Recreation, Single Family and Hillside Preservation zoning districts (identified in the TUP-1-20 application.)  The site, features, and structures, clearly meet the criteria for Historic Preservation.  

"In view of the great economic, social, and aesthetic importance of the City's historic sites, it is determined that historic preservation is in the interest of the public welfare and is a public benefit."  Pacifica Municipal Code Title 9, Chapter 7.

The purpose of that chapter is to:

"(a) Promote the use and enjoyment of historic and cultural resources for the public's education, pleasure, and welfare;

(b) Encourage the preservation and continued use by the owners of historic landmarks:

(c) Recognize and preserve structures, natural features, and sites within the City having historic, archaeological, architectural, cultural, or aesthetic significance:

(d) Foster public appreciation and civic pride in the City and its past:

(e) Protect and enhance the City's attractions for the benefit of residents, tourists, and visitors and strengthen the economy of the City;

(f) Integrate the preservation of historic resources as early as possible into public and private planning and development processes;

(g) Protect and enhance property values; and

(h) Increase economic and financial benefits to the City and its inhabitants." (1985)

The corral area was originally in excess of 500 acres according to the late Mayor Grace McCarthy who expressed concern about the reduction that historic site over 50 years ago.  The ranch was an integral part of the early development era of the City of Pacifica and has been operating since pre-incorporation days. 

In late August, early September 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic with limited ability to outreach to the general public, residents launched a social media campaign and posted flyers on this property asking for their voices to be heard by the City of Pacifica regarding this historic preservation issue.  Despite public input at the OSPAC meeting on December 16, 2020, indicating the desire for protection of this parcel to maintain its historical use as an equestrian center and ranch, the prospective buyers proceeded and have demonstrated their intention to change the use from commercial outdoor recreation and open space into a use that is inconsistent with its historic use and the desire of the greater community.  The impact of this loss would alter Pacifica forever.  The zoning designation by the City of Pacifica was intended to maintain and offer protection of this historic use.  

We ask the City of Pacifica to recognize and immediately grant protection for this property as parcels of major historical importance to the City of Pacifica which is in alignment with the Municipal Code above and consistent with the General Plan.  It also has significance to the greater equestrian community both inside and outside San Mateo County with grand recreational economic opportunities that would not only have minimal environmental impact, but would safeguard open space for recreational use and keep GGNRA trails accessible to a major historic site in San Mateo County.  We further ask that you deny any temporary use permits and prevent any alterations to the property and structures until the full history of this parcel involving decades of use as a ranch in the former Saddletown section of the city for both commercial and recreational use during pre and post incorporation of the City of Pacifica can be placed before the City for consideration. 

Concerned residents and interested parties may email objections and comments directly to Planning Director and Assistant City Manager, Tina Wehrmeister: wehrmeistert@ci.pacifica.ca.us and Planning Commission Chair, John Nibbelin: nibbelinj@ci.pacifica.ca.us 

PUBLIC HEARING is on February 16, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Zoom will be posted 72 hours in advance: https://pacificacityca.iqm2.com/Citizens/ 


Thank you for your immediate consideration of this important historic preservation issue.  


Concerned Residents of Pacifica, interested members of the general public, and members of the equestrian and ranching communities. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!