STOP 1540 Tenth Line Road 4-STOREY Apartment Complex Development

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Petition to STOP 1540 Tenth Line Road
4-STOREY Apartment Complex Development…

In the upcoming months, BGEI Management, a property management company located here in Ottawa will be proposing to the city a four-storey multi-use apartment building with over 1,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space as well as underground parking and a roof top patio!!! This apartment complex will destroy the make-up of our neighbourhood which currently consists of single-story, owner occupied homes.
One option that BGEI Management is proposing would be an access road to the building’s underground parking lot on Roxdale Avenue, right beside the pathway and in front of 392 Roxdale Ave. where three young children, under the age of 10 reside. This 90-degree corner is already a safety concern for local traffic with two accidents this year alone.
The proposed apartment building will drastically increase traffic on Roxdale Ave.; imagine what it will be like with vehicles for a 34 unit apartment coming and going – chaotic! Another concern is increased noise levels, which is already an issue with busy Tenth Line Rd. Additionally, the coming and going of heavy construction vehicles as well as various contractors threatens the tranquility of our community. Buildings of this size can take up to a year to complete. Not to mention the noise of additional cars and tenants once the apartment is complete. Finally, the
four-storey building will greatly decrease privacy for surrounding homes, as residents on the upper floors will be able to see into the homes and yards of those houses.
We support the building of housing that is in character with our neighbourhood and consistent with zoning laws
already in place (Maximum height 9.5 meters/31 feet), we are against the construction of a multi-story apartment
complex. Please SIGN this petition and stand alongside your neighbours who are letting the local government know that this complex cannot happen.

Show your support for the future of Queenswood Heights and sign the online petition.
Or contact our ward councilor Matthew Luloff to express your concerns.