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Update - Marc Aubin

Dear friends,

In 2014, you signed a petition to save the Stewart-Dworkin house on Rideau Street in Ottawa. While we lost that battle, the fight to preserve and promote Ottawa’s local history continues. Here’s another way you might be able to help.

Since our battle back in 2014 and many others, I have turned to novel-writing. I wrote a historical novel, entitled Blight, about the Lowertown neighbourhood in Ottawa. It follows the story of former Mayor Charlotte Whitton and bureaucrats who tried to impose a disastrous urban renewal scheme on my community in the 1960s. The story jumps between that time and the early 2000s when the community and I started fighting back.

The urban renewal schemes of the 1960s uprooted hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and the United States. Countless historic buildings and generations of community building were destroyed by well-meaning technocrats. This novel is an attempt to communicate the story of one such community that experienced this dark period in our civic history, and ongoing struggles.

On September 29, from 1-3PM, I will be officially launching my book in Bingham Playground along with an exhibition of historical Lowertown photos. (rain date: September 30, 1-3PM)

If you are interested in local community history, activism, and politics, then please consider getting a copy of this book. You can get copies at the book launch or online at The book was published by Crowsnest Books ($19.95 CAD / $16.95 USD).

Sincerely yours,

Marc Aubin,
Former president, Lowertown Community Association (2011-2014)
Former candidate for city councillor, Ward 12 Rideau-Vanier, 2014

P.S. Please pass this message along to like-minded friends.

Marc Aubin
2 years ago