Further ensure the safety of the students of Sherwood Public School

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Attention: Mr. Glenn Simmonds, Director

Dear Sir:

Re: Traffic Concerns and Proposals from Parents at Sherwood Public School

We, the parents at Sherwood Public School, are seriously concerned about the safety of our children during high traffic periods on Ormond Drive. 

Parking is allowed on both the east and west sides of Ormond Drive, excluding the fire route, throughout the day. This has resulted in a dangerous situation.  Traffic flow is frequently restricted to one direction.  Frustrated drivers weave in and around parked cars, often well in excess of the speed limit.  Visibility is restricted, with large vehicles crowding the streets and car doors opening on both sides of the roads.  Small school children are regularly obstructed from view until they are virtually in the path of oncoming vehicles.  

Gridlock around the school crosswalk worries us greatly.  Our Kiss and Ride driveway exits on the north side of the school property.  Drivers turning south on Ormond cause a ripple effect of congestion.  Traffic flow is impeded, particularly between Coldstream and the school crosswalk.  Drivers have become discourteous in gridlocked conditions.  The situation will only become worse over the winter months, as Sherwood Park's parking lot becomes unusable due to snow.

We ask the City to take action before a tragic accident occurs.  We believe that the safety of our children can be improved with three simple measures. 

Firstly, we would like parking to be restricted to the west side of Ormond from Blythwood Square to Fieldgate Drive between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. This would allow for a smoother flow of traffic and much better sight lines.  Secondly, we ask that Sherwood Park's parking lot be plowed this winter. Year round use of Sherwood’s parking lot is essential to our students’ safety, since increased access will reduce the need for street parking.  We believe that this is critical, given the high proportion of Sherwood’s 700 students that commute to the school in a vehicle.  Lastly, we ask that a “no left turn” sign be placed at the exit of our parking lot.  This will mitigate congestion and the flow of four way traffic directly beside the school crosswalk.

The measures we propose will reduce the chances of a tragic accident and improve the surrounding neighbourhood.  We thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.  In particular, we would welcome an appearance by you at our next School Community Council meeting.  


Sherwood Public School SCC & Parents




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