Petition update

TRO hearing tomorrow

Paul Konchagulian
Omaha, NE

Jul 29, 2013 — The planning departments response was, “we don’t pick and choose”. Well that seemed fair enough…for about ten minutes…then it dawned on us, they need to pick and choose! Some houses/buildings need to be restored, for the sake of the neighborhood and our city. Okay, we can figure this out!

We believe passionately:
The city planning department needs to concentrate on houses/buildings that are an immediate threat to the safety and security of a neighborhood.
That not all houses/buildings with code violations need to be condemned.
That a house/building should be assessed on it’s structural integrity, owner representation and future benefit to the neighborhood and the city.
The city codes involving structures with code violations needs to be looked at, re-evaluated and amended.
“It’s been on the list too long” is not a adequate answer for a death sentence. Maybe some of these structures need “parole” or at least a “parole hearing”.


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