Would you like a place in the neighborhood to walk and get a coffee and a snack?

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The concept is simple, like everything we do at the Inn, take the regular experience and elevate it to a more luxurious experience. A simple drinks menu, with baked goods from the Inn’s kitchen. All within what we could already serve to guests according to the Thurston County Health Department.

Benefits for our business and neighborhood;

  • This supports a Mom and Pop family owned business.
  • This potentially employees multiple people.
  • This fulfills items within the ENA Sub Area Plan, part of the larger Olympia Comprehensive Plan.
  • Creating a neighborhood gathering space.
  • Encouraging walkable neighborhoods (giving a destination to walk to)
  • We want to encourage walking, cycling and the like. This is not a drive through stand, it isn’t even a drive to.

For a full detailed explanation of the processes we have attempted go to the Swantown Inn web site for the full story. We are just small business owners looking for the support of our neighbors, community and city, during the trying times of a pandemic.