City Of Oakland: Stop PLN17374 Now!

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 Halt The Planned Installation Of The AT&T Cell Monopole Tower At The Corner Of Besito and Drury Road - Case No. PLN17374

The undersigned ask you to spare the view you see above and keep the Claremont Canyon Neighborhood free of blight and preserve our home values!

1) The character of the Claremont Canyon neighborhood is defined by it’s amazing views, roaming wildlife and vibrant vegetation that is in harmony with the aesthetic value of the Claremont Canyon Wilderness Reserve that it borders. The neighborhood is a popular hiking spot for neighbors and visitors alike who want to revel in the fantastic views and beautiful natural setting the community offers.

 2) AT&T and other telecom are coming into communities all over the bay area attaching their equipment to lamp posts. This is great plan for AT&T and other telecom because it is a cheap, and easy way to get their equipment up and running. It is a horrible way for homeowners!

 3) The picture you see above is a photo of the AT&T test pole in the proposed location.  Also pictured are all the warning signs to be adhered to the tower. Even before the antenna are attached and the tower is collocated, It is clear the tower is industrial blight in an otherwise pristine view.

 4) The proposed tower blocks homeowners' views and is out of sync with the characteristic of the neighborhood. The tower would add aesthetic blight to a community defined by it's natural setting.

 5) After complaints from neighbors, AT&T modified their initial proposal by lowering the proposed Cell Tower, BUT THE CITY AND AT&T KNOWS FULL WELL THAT THEY CAN REGAIN THAT HEIGHT AND MORE AFTER THE CELL TOWER GOES IN, and there is nothing local government can do about it thanks to Section 6409(a) of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act. In fact, once the tower is in place the federal government has control!

 6) As telecom tries to compete with Comcast to offer TV and fancier and fancier technology the expansion of the Cell Tower is inevitable.

 7) If approved, the Cell Tower with its industrial vibe will substantially damage property values. Research indicates that over 90% of home buyers and renters are less interested in properties near Cell Towers AND pay less money for nearby properties. Drops in property prices over 20% were documented in studies. ( phone-towers-lower-property- values-documentation-research/ ) The citizens of Oakland have every right to ask the City government to make decisions to protect the values of their properties.

 8) Crucially for the City of Oakland, lowered property values reduce property taxes and City revenue.

 9) When looking for alternate sites to locate the proposed cell tower, some neighbors mentioned the nearby fire station but that does not work.  California firefighters are exempt from the forced placement of towers on their stations because of the strong opposition they have due to health concerns from the radiation. The  World Health Organization now lists mobile phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. Many of us are worried about the health implications of living within very close range of the antenna. Dear City of Oakland we would like to be exempt from forced tower placement too!

 10) If the City passes PLN17374 it opens the floodgate and all of our lamp posts are at risk of being taken over by telecom! We demand that telecom place these further away from homes where they do not hurt homeowners!

 11) This is the pivot point from which the City of Oakland will determine the future of the character of Claremont Canyon's hillside setting.  We ask the City of Oakland to look forward 20 years and to protect Claremont Canyon’s precious vista from aesthetic blight while they still have some control.

 12)  Claremont Canyon is not a densely populated area. With proper planning there is space around our homes to place towers without hurting our neighborhood aesthetics and home values. There is space to place these within safer distances of our homes! We demand to be heard!

 We request the City of Oakland, California to immediately halt planned installation of an AT&T Cell Tower in the Claremont Canyon, Case No. PLN17374