Literacy for All: It is time to ensure every child becomes a powerful, lifelong reader.

Literacy for All: It is time to ensure every child becomes a powerful, lifelong reader.

2,247 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
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Started by The Oakland REACH

There is a reading crisis in Oakland - fewer than thirty percent of black and brown kids are reading on grade level, and less than half of all students are at grade level for reading. The wait is over. The time is now for a citywide movement. 

That’s why The Oakland REACH has joined forces with the Oakland NAACP in a revolutionary partnership to tackle the city’s literacy crisis. We are aiming for 500 signatures in the next 30 days from parents, teachers and community members who want the following: 

  1. All Oakland public schools commit to the research-proven way of teaching kids to read, including making sure teachers have the support they need. We know what works; it’s time to do it in all Oakland classrooms.
  2. All parents have access to tools and information to support children’s literacy at home, in the classroom, and in the community. Parents are ready and should be empowered to lead the way.

We have formed a powerful coalition of systems-leaders and community organizations, including Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), Lighthouse Community Public Schools, Education For Change Public Schools, Aspire Public Schools, the Oakland Literacy Coalition (OLC), the Oakland Education Fund, and a host of other groups committed to increasing reading outcomes - but we need your support!

Literacy for All is a one-of-a-kind campaign led by the parents most impacted by failing schools — parents are finally the forethought, not an afterthought. It’s also unique in that it goes beyond focusing on K-3 literacy outcomes, and targets increasing the literacy of  the whole family — including the mamas and grandmamas. To solve this crisis in a sustainable way, this movement is committed to uplifting and healing the whole family around failed education outcomes.

Please sign your name in support of “Literacy for All.”

2,247 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!